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A summary of all software applications developed by JADS Limited.
Many of these applications can be downloaded free of charge from the Software Download page.
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Application nameDescriptionUpdatedSupportedPublic SoftwareLink
Application nameDescriptionUpdatedSupportedPublic SoftwareLink
Betting odds watcher - Android View live betting odds on all the latest sport events.    Android Apps 
Delete old messages - Android Android app to help deleting old messages 24 March 2010   Android Apps 
Googleoids A crazy game crossing searching and Scrabble    Googleoids Applet 
Googleoids - Android Googleoids for Android devices 12 February 2010   Android Apps 
Googleoids Lite - Android Googleoids for Android devices (free version) 12 February 2010   Android Apps 
High Score Table High Score on GAE (used for Googleoids - Android)    High Scores Servlet 
Internet Sharer - Android Shares your phones Internet connection with your computer.  19 February 2010   Android Apps 
Internet Sharer Wizard Helps setup computers to use the Internet Sharer Android App 8 April 2011   Internet Sharer Wizard 
JADSDisplay Displays announcements news and information 19 March 2010   Public Beta 
JADSDisplay - Android Displays Announcements, news and information on Android tablets and phones. 11 January 2011   Android Digital Signage 
JADSDisplayGL Displays announcements news and information in 3D 19 March 2010   Public Beta 
JADS Fractal Zoom for Android Demonstrates the benefit of dual core android devices by displaying a seamless, high resolution fractal zoom animation. 16 August 2011   Android Market 
JADS Remote Music Hub Connect your Android device to your speakers and queue music from any computer on your wireless network. 3 May 2011   Android Apps 
JADSServer Server component for JADS Digital Signage on GAE 12 February 2011   Public Beta 
JADS v4 Older standalone version of JADS Digital Signage 3 February 2010   Purchase from LPM 
JFileRecovery Recovers files from damaged hard drives, CDs, DVDs and flash media 13 February 2010   JFileRecovery Website 
JFileRecovery deluxe Deluxe version with more recovery options 8 April 2010   JFileRecovery deluxe 
JFirewallTest Scan network ports for holes in your firewall 13 February 2010   JFireWallTest Website 
JFolderSync Backup tool that synchronises files in two locations     
JPC x86 Emulator for Android JPC is a pure Java emulation of an x86 PC hardware in software. This port enables JPC to run on high end Android Devices. 16 August 2011   Android Market 
JRSSTray Displays a RSS feed in the system tray 3 February 2010   JRSSTray Website 
JScreenFix Repairs stuck pixels and image persistence on LCD screens 14 April 2011   JScreenFix Website 
JScreenFix - Android JScreenFix for Android devices 12 February 2010   Android Apps 
JScreenFix deluxe Prevents burn-in on screens by monitoring screen use 18 March 2010   JScreenFix deluxe 
JScreenFix - Midlet JScreenFix for phones supporting Java midlets     
JScreenMonitor Periodically takes screenshots of a computer screen and stores them for later review. 19 October 2010   Screen Monitoring 
JSMSTray Read and reply to sms messages from your computer 26 October 2010   JSMSTray 
Licence Payment Management System The LPM manages payments and all licences for JADS desktop applications. 8 August 2011   JADS LPM 
Message Cleanup - Android Android app to help keeping messages at a manageable level 24 March 2010   Android Apps 
MyDiskNode Shares files, folders and disks online bypassing firewalls. 13 February 2010   MyDisk Website 
MyDiskNode - Android MyDiskNode for Android devices    Android Apps 
MyDiskNode Lite - Android MyDiskNode for Android devices (free version) 12 February 2010   Android Apps 
MyDiskServer Shares files, folders and disks online (requires open ports)      
Page change checker - Android Checks web pages to see if they have changed since they were last viewed. 1 September 2010   Android Apps 
Secure Email - Android Sends confidential messages and files securely via SSLPost. 1 September 2010   Android Apps 
Web Traffic Manager Routes HTTP and SMTP traffic to multiple servers based on request 9 August 2011   Web Traffic Manager 
WikiWebServer Dynamic, rewritable web server 1 March 2011   WikiWebServer Website 
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