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Internet Sharer Wizard

The Internet Sharer Wizard performs the complicated steps required to share an Android device's data connection with your computer.

The wizard avoids the download and installation of the Android SDK and typing complicated commands into a console. You simply run the wizard and specify a proxy in your browser whenever you want to access the Internet on your computer through your phone.

In the unlikely event that the Internet Sharer Wizard can't help you (usually due to driver problems) just click refund and you will be refunded automatically.


Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Windows XP

Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, OpenJDK)

Supported operating systems

  • Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard)
  • Linux
  • Windows (XP, Vista and 7) - Drivers required.
The Java Runtime Environment (1.5+) is required. This is pre-installed on most operating systems. Latest version available for free here.


The Internet Sharer Wizard will be installed using Java Web Start after completing payment.

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM YOUR PHONE, this application is for the computer you wish to setup and use your phone's internet connection on.

If you are running Windows and the wizard fails to detect your phone, please read the USB Driver issues page. If you have any other problems with the wizard or payment, please Contact JADS Limited.

Steps performed

  1. Extracts required files from the Java archive.
  2. Advises how to turn on debugging (if required).
  3. Prompts to plug in device (if required).
  4. Advises how to install drivers (if required).
  5. Starts the debugger service and locates device.
  6. Installs latest version of the Internet Sharer App.
  7. Starts the Internet Sharer App.
  8. Configures a forwarding rule for SOCKS traffic on port 1080.
  9. Configures a forwarding rule for HTTP traffic on port 8080.
  10. Tests the Internet connection.
The Internet Sharer Wizard will perform all steps automatically if debugging has been enabled, drivers installed and the device is plugged in.


  • You must manually configure your web browsers and and Internet applications to use the proxy.
  • If your Android device is not detected click here or Click the Refund Payment button under the Licence tab:

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