Other software

Android Apps

A number of Apps have been developed for Google Android devices. Search for JADS on the Android Market.

Summary of Android apps from JADS Limited.


JRSSTray is a free Java Web Start application that monitors RSS feeds and displays new items as messages in the system tray.

Please visit www.jrsstray.com for more details.


JFirewallTest is a free Java webstart application that tests for holes or open ports in your firewall. Unlike other solutions, JFirewallTest uses a two stage testing procedure that tests all 65,536 ports very rapidly and produces a comprehensive report.

Please visit www.jfirewalltest.com for more details.


WikiWebServer is a lightweight Java web server that provides a framework for rapidly developing advanced web applications.

Please visit www.wikiwebserver.org for more details.

More software

Complete list of software developed by JADS limited available here.