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JScreenFix deluxe

JScreenFix deluxe is the most effective application available for preventing noticeable image persistence and burn-in.

By monitoring screen usage, JScreenFix deluxe can predict and remove visible image persistence and burn-in. The application is ideal for anyone with a computer connected to a screen susceptible to this kind of damage, including plasma, CRT and LCD screens. The standalone Java application runs silently in the system tray and equalises the screen automatically or when triggered by the user. JScreenFix deluxe supports multiple monitors and works with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

JScreenFix deluxe is used in museums, stock exchanges and even a nuclear power station to extend the life of screens displaying repetitive output.

Technical details

The JScreenFix deluxe application monitors the display and calculates an inverse burn image. By displaying the inverse burn image when the computer is not being used, burn-in can be equalised. This will mean that bright and dark patches will not be noticeable and uniform brightness across the whole screen is achieved.

For existing burn-in, JScreenFix deluxe includes a number of repair strategies:

  1. Back calculate - JScreenFix deluxe can monitor the screen to gain typical daily usage.  You can then specify how much time the screen displayed that type of content. JScreenFix deluxe will equalise the previous usage together with future usage.
  2. Template design - By defining a template of where burn-in has occurred, previous burn-in can be equalised. JScreenFix deluxe includes a number of preset templates for equalising common screen burn-in, for example 4:3 burn-in on a 16:9 (widescreen) display. Other strategies include pure white burn (as recommended by Apple) and snow burn, which has proven to be very effective at fixing image persistence on LCD displays.

Some stuck pixels return periodically. JScreenFix deluxe protects against reoccurring stuck pixels by displaying the JScreenFix pixel fixing pattern when you are not using your computer. By defining a template of stuck pixel positions, JScreenFix deluxe can both equalise screen burn-in and fix stuck pixels at the same time.

JScreenFix deluxe runs silently in the system tray and can be configured to repair a display after the mouse has been stationary or between specific times of day.


Here are some screenshots of JScreenFix deluxe in operation.  Because the application is written in Java, it works on any computer with the Java Runtime Environment installed. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac and Open Solaris computers.

JScreenFix deluxe user interface

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Windows XP

Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, OpenJDK)

Screen equalisation example

Download and Install

JScreenFix deluxe can be launched below.
To enable the repair modes to function for over 20 minutes per session you must purchase a licence.

Problems launching JScreenFix deluxe? Please make sure you have Java 6 or higher.

To purchase a licence, click the purchase button within the JScreenFix deluxe interface or purchase directly here.

Licence information


A standard licence is suitable for a single computer connected to one or more screens. Please be aware that the licence management system will deactivate this licence if you attempt to run JScreenFix deluxe on more than one computer simultaneously.


A site licence is ideal in situations where 5 to 20 computers require JScreenFix to be installed. This single licence is easy to manage and deploy especially if the machines are built from a standard installation image.


A custom licence is required to run JScreenFix deluxe on 20 or more computers. A customised version of JScreenFix is also required If the resolution of any one screen (or screen controller) is greater than 1080x1920 for accurate equalisation. Please contact JADS Limited for a quote on a customised version.

Further considerations

To maintain cross-platform support, JScreenFix deluxe operates independently from the operating system's screen saver. Users are advised to disable screen savers and power saving features to maximize the effectiveness of JScreenFix deluxe.

The inverse burn image converges to a mid level gray when burn-in equalisation is complete.

Please note that because the brightness level and burn-in characteristics differ between screen makes and models, JScreenFix deluxe can not guarantee perfect equalisation on all screens.

Some hardware accelerated graphical components, such as 3D graphics and video overlays can not be fully monitored and equalised by JScreenFix deluxe. Please reset usage data, run the 3D graphics / video for 5 minutes and check you can see visible signs on the usage preview screen.

Improper use of JScreenFix deluxe, for example defining an inaccurate burn-in template, can damage a screen. Users must carefully observe the effects of running JScreenFix, especially in the early stages. JADS Limited accept no responsibility for additional damage to a screen as a result of running JScreenFix deluxe.