Screen Repair

JScreenFix is a software solution that can fix stuck pixels, reduce screen burn-in and improve the quality of images displayed on a screen.

JScreenFix deluxe

JScreenFix deluxe was designed as a preventative measure so that uneven wear on plasma screens can be minimised. By monitoring the screen, JScreenFix deluxe can display a negated average image when the screen is not use. The net effect is that all parts of the screen are used equally and no permanent damage is done by displaying the same content on the screen.  JScreenFix deluxe also has many additional options such as template creation for repairing existing damage and pixel fixing options.

JScreenFix deluxe is used in museums, stock exchanges and even a nuclear power station to extend the life of large displays.
The technology behind JScreenFix deluxe, the screen equalisation and repair tool, is built into JADS digital signage version 5. - The only digital signage solution that does not cause permanent damage to plasma screens.


JScreenFix randomly turns on and off individual picture elements extremely rapidly and reactivates those that have been stuck a particular colour through resonance and repetition.  The technique is significantly more effective than flashing colour videos that were common prior to the JScreenFix app. It has also been noted that LCD screens with image persistence are repaired by running JScreenFix for a prolonged period.

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