Screen Monitoring

JScreenMonitor is a application that periodically takes screenshots of a computer screen and stores them for later review.

The screen monitor is ideal for keeping an eye on productivity and ensuring staff, students or children are using their time on the computer effectively. A built in graphical interface produces a summary of all activity based on significance. This enables a complete day of screenshots to be quickly reviewed and changes, such as switching from Microsoft Word into Internet Explorer to view facebook, are highlighted.

The application supports network environments where a supervisor needs to review how multiple computers have been used. Each employee or student has JScreenMonitor installed and the Supervisor can connect to these machines remotely and view all history.


Download and Install

JScreenMonitor can be launched using Java Web Start below.
To enable monitoring for over 1 hour per session you must purchase a licence.
Problems launching JADS Computer Usage Monitor? Please make sure you have Java 6 or higher.

To purchase a licence, click the purchase button within the interface or purchase directly here.

Licence information


A standard licence is suitable for monitoring a single computer. Please be aware that the licence management system will deactivate this licence if you attempt to run the application on more than one computer simultaneously.


A site licence is ideal in situations where 5 to 20 computers require JScreenMonitor to be installed. This single licence is easy to manage and deploy especially if the machines are built from a standard installation image.


A custom licence is required to run JScreenMonitor on 20 or more computers. Please contact JADS Limited for a quote.