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Licence Payment Management System

posted 15 Mar 2010, 04:31 by JADS Admin   [ updated 24 Apr 2011, 13:13 ]
A new system has been developed for managing software licences. The Licence Payment Management System (LPM) provides a way for users to quickly pay for software using a range of Payment Service Providers including PayPal, Google Checkout and Nochex (more coming soon). The LPM also helps with software delivery via Java Web Start technology.

Payment and licence usage information is maintained in the LPM. Future commercial Java applications will incorporate the LPM plugin which communicates periodically with the LPM to check for licence related updates and messages. The LPM includes duplicate instance detection enabling identification of duplicate copies and licence violations.

If you are looking for a similar system to sell, manage and protect your software online, please contact JADS Limited. The current system is built on the Google App Engine and may be offered as a SaaS solution in the future.