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JScreenFix deluxe updated

posted 16 Mar 2010, 05:10 by JADS Admin   [ updated 7 Jul 2010, 04:26 ]
JScreenFix deluxe has been updated and is now available from the JADS web site.
New features include:
  • Back calculation - Monitors the screen to gain typical daily usage which can be extended to repair previous damage.
  • High resolution support - Tested up to 4096x2304. Please request a custom version for over 1920x1080
  • Mac top bar fix - Now repairs damage caused by the top title bar (including apple logo).
  • Mac appearance improved - Now has Mac OS X look and feel.
  • Integration of LPM plugin - Licence now managed by JADS Limited. Easier, to reclaim and re-install.
  • Performance improvements - Quicker sampling and saving of screen usage data.
  • Low resolution support - Interface can be used at 640x480
JScreenFix deluxe can be found here.