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JFileRecovery deluxe

JFileRecovery deluxe is a file copying tool that can recover files from damaged media such as CDs, DVDs, Hard disks and flash memory.

Unlike regular file copying, JFileRecovery deluxe keeps going when it encounters a problem. This enables most of the data to be salvaged. For files such as videos, music and images, a small amount of data can be lost without any noticeable consequences. The important thing is, you can transfer the data away from the damaged media without being plagued by unrecoverable CRC errors or application crashes.


  • Intelligent block skipping.
    Skips data that takes a long time or causes read errors.

  • Asynchronous block resume.
    A block that was skipped because it took too long can complete asynchronously because it is left running in the background.

  • Block sub division.
    After attempting to salvage the data with a large block size, bad blocks are sub divided to try and recover as much data as possible.

  • Persistent block state logging.
    Even if your computer crashes, you can resume copying, skipping completed and known damaged blocks.

  • Multi-directional transfer.
    Reading from the end of the file is useful when the most important data is stored there. For example the index in .zip files and video information in .avi files.

  • Multiple file transfer.
    JFileRecovery deluxe allows you to specify multiple files and directories and will sequentially recover everything it can.

  • Support for files over 2 GiB.
    Very large files are now fully supported. Even files with hundreds of thousands of errors can be copied.

  • Visualisation.
    The state of each block in a file is represented by a coloured square. Grey are pending recovery, purple are timeouts, red are read errors and the shade of green represents the time the block took to successfully transfer.


Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Linux (Ubuntu 10.04, OpenJDK)

Windows XP


Any computer with the Java Runtime Environment installed including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Download and Install

JFileRecovery deluxe can be purchased and launched online using Java Web Start below.