User Guide

Sign into JADS Digital Signage

To add announcements to a screen, install new screens and configure the operation of the display system you must sign in. You can sign in using the email and password you registered with, an OpenID or, if you have installed JADS Digital Signage from the Google App Marketplace, the JADS Digital Signage link inside your Google Apps account.

To sign into JADS Server:
  1. Visit the URL of JADS Server. [ Public Server ]
  2. Enter your Email address.
  3. Enter your Password.

  4. Click Sign In.
If you have forgotten your password please click the Forgotten? link and a new temporary password will be emailed to you.

Create an announcement sequence

Announcements are grouped into sequences. A sequence can be displayed on one or more screens.

To create a new announcement sequence:
  1. Click the Announcements tab.
  2. Click Add new sequence.

  3. Type a Name for your sequence.

  4. Click the Create button.

Add an announcement

An announcement is a plain text message or image that displays on a screen as part of a sequence.

To add an announcement to a sequence:
  1. Click the Announcements tab.
  2. Under the sequence you wish to add an announcement, click Add New announcement.

  3. Click Browse... to locate an image for an image announcement or type in a Heading and main Text for a plain text announcement. JADS Digital Signage will automatically adjust the font size of plain text announcements to fit the target screen. Note, the preview in the user interface does not represent the final screen output.

  4. To specify how long the announcement should be displayed in the sequence, click the the Schedule tab and provide a Duration.  A Start date and End date can also be specified to control when the Announcement should be displayed. It is also possible to specify time periods the Announcement should be displayed.  For example, to display an announcement between 18:00 and 20:00 on a Tuesday, ensure those periods are highlighted.

  5. To dynamically update the announcement from a remote data source (such as BBC News) click the Remote data tab and provide a Remote URL of RSS data or an image.  Any RSS feed that outputs plain text can be used or any remote image.

    The number of Items from a RSS feed that should be displayed as one Announcement can be configured and using different Start values, a large feed can be separated into multiple announcements.  To only display headlines, ensure Only show titles is ticked, this option is also useful for Twitter feeds where content is duplicated.

    A Link URL can be specified which facilitates linking to an external page if the viewer clicks the announcement on Android devices.

  6. Click the Create button.

Images supported are JPEG, PNG and GIF. Please ensure the file size is no greater than 5 megabytes.  If you are exporting an image from Microsoft PowerPoint or other software design package, it is recommended that a resolution of 1024x768 or greater is specified during the export.

The announcement will be shown on active screens configured to display the sequence after communicating with JADS Server (once a minute) and completing the currently queued announcement sequences.

Create a screen to display announcements

  1. Click the Screens tab.
  2. Click Add new screen.

  3. Type in a Name for the new screen.

  4. To specify which sequences should display on the screen click the Sequences tab and tick the Show option beside each sequences that should be displayed on the screen.  A Time allocation can also be specified to limit a sequence to displaying a percentage of the total display time.  When a percentage is specified, the display Duration of announcements within the sequence will be adjusted to meet the time allocations. (Options only applicable when multiple sequences have been created)

  5. Click the Create button.

Install JADS display software

Perform the following actions on the computer connected to screen that is to display announcements.
  1. Click the Screens tab.
  2. Under the screen you wish to install software click Install display software or Reinstall.

  3. Follow installation instructions to install using Java Web Start or JADS Boot strap.

Create a new user

  1. Click the Users tab.
  2. Click Add new user.

  3. Enter the Email address for the user.
  4. Type a Password the user is to use to sign in.
  5. Type the password again to Confirm.

  6. Click the Permissions tab and choose a Role for the new user.

  7. Click the Create button.

User Roles

  • Announcement Creators can add and modify announcements in sequences.
    When creating a user with the Announcement Creator role it is possible to specify the sequences that the user may modify.
  • Content Administrators can add and modify announcements in sequences and modify which sequences are displayed on screens.
    When creating a user with the Content Administrator role it is possible to specify the sequences and screens that the user may modify.
  • Site Administrators can add and modify all sequences, screens and users in addition to installing display software.