System Overview

There are three parts to the Java Announcement Display System:
  1. Web User Interface - To configure JADS, a web browser is used to connect to JADS Server.  The web user interface makes it possible to add and modify sequences of announcements and configure screens.

  2. JADS Server - Handles connections from web browsers and keeps screens up to date. JADS Server is currently hosted on the Google App Engine.

  3. JADS Display - This software runs on a computer connected to the screen and is responsible for displaying announcements.
Previous versions of JADS were designed for individual screens and combined both display and server components into one application. JADS version 5 separates these components and uses the power of the Google App Engine to support a potentially unlimited number of screens and announcements in a centrally managed, fault resilient system.

Stability and Reliability

Using Google's Infrastructure we believe we can offer the most reliable digital signage solution available.