JADS Digital Signage can be linked to external sources of information.

Remote Data

Content for screens can come from any RSS or image source.

A single announcement can display multiple plain text items.
Enter the URL for the RSS feed in the Remote data tab when creating an announcement:

Look for the RSS Symbol on pages to incorporate external data into your announcement sequence.

A URL to a remote image can also be used. If the image changes, it will be updated on attached screens.

Google Calendars

To display events on a Google Calendar you must obtain the private XML link for the calendar:

This can be found under the Calendars settings.

More support when using Google Apps for Domains will be coming soon!

Remote Data Notes

  • JADS Digital Signage will automatically fit text into the available screen area.
  • Remote data is refreshed every 10 minutes.
  • Complicated formatting is not currently supported.


There is no need to register and create a password for JADS Digital Signage, simply use an existing account setup elsewhere.
For example, use your Google account:

OpenID Notes

  • Any OpenID can be provided in the OpenID text field.
  • To link directly from another page, the URL:[openid] can be used where [openid] is your OpenID.
  • More information about OpenID.