Android Digital Signage


JADS Digital Signage version 5 has been superseded by TargetR.

TargetR builds upon the functionality of JADS Digital Signage version 5 to provide a complete digital signage solution specifically designed to run on low powered Android devices and Google TV.

JADS Digital Signage Player for Android

JADS Digital Signage supports displaying content on Android devices.


  • Digital Signage for tablets.

JADS Display for Android scales content to fit the screen and cycles through slides without user intervention.


Link the Android App to your JADS Digital Signage content:

  1. Sign in to JADS Digital Signage.
  2. Click the screens tab.
  3. Click Install display software / Reinstall.
  4. Click the mobile tab.
  5. Enable mobile access to the screen.

  6. Type the screen code into JADS Display Android App. Press Menu for more options.

Please note that the version numbering below does not correlate to the actual version number.
Always look on the Google Android Market for the latest release.
JADS Admin,
14 Nov 2011, 07:54