JADS Digital Signage

Provides a way to quickly and easily display announcements, news and information on digital screens.

Designed to be easy to use. A screen can be updated from any web browser and adding content is easier than writing an email. The latest version supports displaying announcements on multiple screens and enables site-wide, remote administration.


Some of the key features in JADS Digital Signage version 5:
  • Display announcements, news and information on any screen.
  • Quickly and easily add announcements from any web browser.
  • Create a plain text announcement or upload an image announcement in seconds.
  • Share and display sequences of announcements on multiple screens.
  • Create reusable sequences of announcements.
  • Control and monitor multiple screens from a centralised user interface.
  • Specify the duration an announcement should display for.
  • Control when an announcement should be displayed, for example 14:00 to 18:00 on a Tuesday.
  • Expire announcements automatically when they are no longer valid.
  • Display live news and Twitter messages using RSS feeds.
  • Multiple user support with different roles and access privileges.
  • Password protected access with full user action audit trail.
  • Provides a report on cumulative display time for each announcement.
  • Limit a sequence to display for a percentage of the display time and sell advertising space.
  • Incorporates JScreenFix deluxe equalisation technology to prevent screen damage.
  • Supports OpenID and integration into Google Apps.

JADS Digital Signage for Google Apps.

Android Compatible.