JADS Limited is a software development company dedicated to solving common IT problems with a range of applications, web services and mobile phone apps.

JADS Digital Signage

JADS Digital Signage version 5 is now deprecated. Please transition to TargetR. More information at www.targetr.net.

Quickly and easily display announcements, news and information on digital screens anywhere.

This cross-platform, Java solution can display content on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices including Google TV using lightweight display applications.

The Lite edition is free, fully functional and easy to get running.

JADS Digital Signage Display (JADSDisplayGL)

JADS Digital Signage User Interface

Screen Repair

JScreenFix is a software solution that can fix stuck pixels, reduce screen burn-in and improve the quality of images displayed on a screen.

File Recovery

JFileRecovery is a utility that makes it possible to copy files from damaged hard drives, CDs, DVDs and Flash memory. The utility enables you to salvage data even when CRC checks fail.

Android Apps

A range of useful apps for Google Android mobile phones and devices. Tools to help Internet sharing, file sharing, message cleanup, secure email, fixing pixels, games and more.

More software and services

Recent News

  • JScreenFix Updated After 10 years and over 4 million launches, JScreenFix has been updated to work without the aid of Java. The website, www.jscreenfix.com has had a complete makeover and ...
    Posted 19 Aug 2013, 04:23 by JADS Admin
  • TargetR Released After 2 years of development, TargetR is now ready for production use. Please visit www.targetr.net for more information about this new digital signage solution designed for Android and ...
    Posted 19 Aug 2013, 04:15 by JADS Admin
  • TargetR Tech Preview TargetR is a new digital signage solution from JADS Limited. This solution can deliver multimedia content to any device or web page with full remote control and reporting. TargetR is ...
    Posted 4 Apr 2012, 11:33 by JADS Admin
  • New Signage Solution in Development JADS Limited is excited to reveal that a new digital signage and content delivery solution is almost ready for release. The new solution brings together synchronized channels of digital media ...
    Posted 31 Dec 2011, 06:04 by JADS Admin
  • Digital Signage for Google TV JADS Digital Signage now fully supports displaying content on Google TV using the JADS Display Android application.
    Posted 3 Sep 2011, 02:45 by JADS Admin
  • Android Book Reader A new book reader application has been developed which makes porting books to Android devices really simple. As a proof of concept, the fantastic books, "Bang!" and "It's Alive ...
    Posted 3 Sep 2011, 02:40 by JADS Admin
  • JPC x86 Emulator for Android Released JPC has been ported to Android. JPC is a pure Java emulation of an x86 PC hardware in software. Bundled in this free Android App is FreeDOS (Like MS-DOS ...
    Posted 14 Aug 2011, 14:25 by JADS Admin
  • JADS Digital Signage integrated with Google Chrome JADS Digital Signage is now available in the Chrome Web Store. This places a convienient launch icon inside Google's Chrome Browser for quick and convenient access to the web ...
    Posted 6 Aug 2011, 07:46 by JADS Admin
  • JADS Fractal Zoom for Android Another fun little Android app! Demonstrates the benefit of dual core android devices by displaying a seamless, high resolution fractal zoom animation in just 64Kb.https://market.android.com/details ...
    Posted 31 May 2011, 07:24 by JADS Admin
  • JADS Digital Signage for Android updated JADS Digital Signage for Android now supports all Android devices from version 1.5 (cupcake) onwards.This includes all resolutions and form factors. New support for Google TV, People of ...
    Posted 14 Aug 2011, 14:27 by JADS Admin
  • JADS Remote Music Hub for Android Connect your Android device to your speakers and queue music from any computer on your wireless network. Web-based user interface for viewing queued music and uploading new tracks. Link ...
    Posted 31 May 2011, 07:24 by JADS Admin
  • RefundWare from JADS Limited A new revenue generating model is in operation for JScreenFix. With the exception of a brief period of DonationWare, JScreenFix has been funded purely by advertising since 2006. As an ...
    Posted 17 Apr 2011, 01:49 by JADS Admin
  • JScreenFix Updated The JScreenFix pixel fixing applet and website have been updated. JScreenFix is now a full Java application that guides the user through the stages required for fixing stuck pixels. Advantages ...
    Posted 17 Apr 2011, 01:24 by JADS Admin
  • JADS Digital Signage Updated The JADS Digital Signage user interface has been updated. Among numerous cosmetic changes, the latest version separates each sequence into two. A sequence consists of a number of active announcements ...
    Posted 12 Feb 2011, 02:33 by JADS Admin
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